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New Solo, Duet and Trio Series Launched

#HomeHelpers #FlexibleFriends: Steps for 1, 2 and 3 Series is Launched!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new repertoires series for developing players – Steps for 1, 2 and 3.

Flying Solo offers 12 unaccompanied solo studies for players of around grades 4-6; Double The Adventure offers 25 duets for players of Prep Test – Grade 3 standard; and Travelling Trios offers 16 trios for players of Prep Test – Grade 3 standard.

This series includes books of solos, duets and trios presenting a variety of progressive original repertoires for all treble clef brass instruments. Each books supports developing players through new music which focuses on the keys of the scales required by examination boards. Thereby, generating an engaging and solid key-signature-learning link for the student, whilst enabling the instrumental tutor to expand their delivery approach in an individual or group teaching environment.

Colour-coded for easier reference:
Blue = Prep Test – Grade 3 player standard
Red = Grade 4 – Grade 6 player standard

Available in both print and downloadable formats, the currently available books include:

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Flexi-Collection – Popular Classics Series

#FlexibleFriends: POPULAR CLASSICS

Flexibility is a must in these times of staggered return to playing. The 8 titles arranged by Andrew Duncan in our Flexi-Collection Popular Classics series offers just that.

Based on 4-part harmony you can make music together whatever your ensemble size might be today or in the future.

Available individually or as a complete album, each title is supplied with world parts; programme and performance notes; and helpful rudimentary theory guidance to teach and reiterate the basics of music.

Available titles in the series: