About The Company

Founded in 2005 by Business Director, Clair Tomalin, The Music Company (UK) Ltd now represents a wonderful collection of composers and arrangers – from highly established to lesser-known, and evolving writers.  Between them, producing an eclectic catalogue of music for Brass Band, Concert Band, Training/Junior Band, Brass Ensembles, Quintets and Instrumentalists.

Andrew Duncan, award winning composer, arranger, conductor and performer, is the Editorial Director for the company, and ensures there’s a consistent high quality to the titles we publish.  From a life filled with musical experiences, Andrew has keen eyes and ears to enable the company to assess submissions and develop its catalogue to help introduce new works to the world of brass music.

The Music Company (UK) Ltd is a limited liability company registered in England and Wales.
Company Number: 05457908

About Our Writers

We are extremely proud to be representing such a comprehensive list of composers and arrangers.

Through the dedication and musicianship of these writers, we are able to offer bands and instrumentalists across the world an enviable collection of musical styles and colours to enhance their concert and contest programmes.

  • Eddie Atherton
  • Darrol Barry
  • Gregor Beattie
  • Jon Bennett
  • Martyn Brabbins
  • Sandy Coffin
  • Alex Cottrell
  • Helen Douthwaite
  • Kenneth Downie
  • Steven Drury
  • Andrew Duncan
  • Owain Edwards
  • Alan Fernie
  • Anthony George
  • Christopher Gough
  • Gareth Green
  • Philip Harper
  • David Hext
  • Sue Hopkins
  • Keith Manners
  • Peter Meechan
  • Art Michaels
  • John Miller
  • Alan Morrison
  • Roy Newsome
  • Christian Overhead
  • Lucy Pankhurst
  • Tim Paton
  • Lynsey Paterson
  • Alun Prest
  • David Pugh
  • Steve Robson
  • Martin Thomson
  • John Wallace
  • Josiah Walters

About Our Flexi-Collection Series

From Little Acorns Great Oaks Grow

We are great believers in supporting musicians from the early stages of playing.  To assist, we have devised our Flexi-Collection series which have been cleverly tailored to support training, junior and youth bands.  Through a progressive selection of both classical arrangements (The Flexi-Collection Popular Classics Series) and original compositions (The Flexi-Collection World Tour Series), each series is sympathetic in its scoring to the playing challenges of the developing musician.

The Flexi-Collection approach caters for instrumentation imbalance, simplifies rhythms and key signatures yet still achieving a range of musical styles to offer variety and development.  The parts are also considerate of the playing range, and the sets include easy parts for Bb and Eb instruments – enabling even the earliest beginner to become involved.

Each playing part includes a page of basic, yet vital, music theory reference information (including time signatures, key signatures and rhythms).  The Flexi-Collection World Tour Series also includes group warm-up exercises (based on each of the pieces within the series) and interactive/further study elements to incorporate a wider learning experience.

Music Makes The World Go Round

Our Contributions

Through our publishing work over the years, we have supported a variety of music-related charities, initiatives and key events.

  • We worked closely with UGive2Uganda (a brass band and humanitarian charity based in Mbale, Uganda).
  • We are the official publishers of the Brass Band Aid Series, originally supporting the charity’s educational/building projects in Adet, Africa.  Since the completion of those projects, The Music Company (UK) Ltd has continued to donate the funds raised from sales of these titles to individual charitable music projects around the world.
  • We are supporting Cancer Research UK on a ‘Donation-Per-Sale’ basis for select works in our music catalogue.
  • We were lead sponsors of The Bone Blow 2009 and a key partner of The Big Blow 2007 world record attempt (events which took place as part of the Butlin’s Brass Band festivals in Skegness – both of which generated funding for the selected event charities).
  • We were also proud to be an official sponsors of The European Brass Band Championships in 2006, 2007 and 2008, and created the ‘Band Player’s Award’ where the bands used to support the cyclical European Composer/Conductor/Performer Competitions, voted for their own winning choice from the competitors at each respective event.

The Music Company (UK) Ltd

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