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[Digital Download – Solo Book]  This collection of 15 melodies offers accessible repertoire for the learning brass player.  It’s not another tutor book, it’s not trying to replace the brass teacher … it’s simply Just Tunes.  It includes varied styles of music, written to engage and challenge the learner player – suitable from pre-grade up to grade 4/5 – offering a wider choice of music to enjoy, just for the fun of it!

Professionally recorded backing tracks, with and without soloist (on Trombone) are provided as part of this item’s purchase (they’re automatically added to your order and you will be provided with a download link after check-out).  The backing-tracks are a valuable bonus to help encourage the student to rehearse and to be inspired by hearing the recorded soloist perform.

A printed piano accompaniment book is available separately.
A printed solo book is available separately.
Save! With our printed Just Tunes Combo Package which includes the solo book, the piano accompaniment and backing tracks at a discounted combo price.

Listen to a Sample Backing Track – Spanish Tango:

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Now available as a Digital Download for instant access.  This solo book and its associated, professionally recorded backing tracks has been created for Trombone in Treble Clef.  A Bass Clef version is also available as well as printed piano accompaniment books for each clef.

Just Tunes has been written to expand and enhance the repertoire available to instrumental teachers and to support the development of playing styles, techniques and note range in their students.  Provided with helpful hints, rudimentary theory and explanations of terms and techniques throughout the collection, Just Tunes offers both student and teacher an ideal resource to extend a wider musical knowledge.

Just Tunes Playlist:

  1. Mean Ol’ Blues
  2. Midnight
  3. Synco Synchro
  4. Drivin’ Home
  5. Lazy Boy Blues
  6. Dragon’s 2-Step
  7. Song for Suzanne
  8. Russian Dance
  9. Line Dancin’
  10. Shoe Shine Shuffle
  11. Spanish Tango
  12. Amazing Grace
  13. Turnaround
  14. Workforce
  15. Engine Room

Suitable for students from non-grade through to approximately Grade 4/5, and professionally recorded backing tracks (with and without the solo line) help to provide extra encouragement and guidance during practice sessions.

To aid the teacher’s selection, each piece indicates the range of notes required to perform the piece, enabling a structured learning experience as the player becomes more confident with new notes.

Should the student wish to perform any of the pieces publicly, a printed piano accompaniment is also available which can be purchased separately or as part of a Just Tunes Combo Package.

This collection of tunes helps to supplement accessible repertoire for the learning brass player.  It’s not another tutor book, it’s not trying to replace the brass teacher … it’s simply Just Tunes.  Fun and varied styles of music written with specifically to challenge the learner player and offer them a wider choice of music to enjoy.

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