Ballad from Slidin’ Songs for Milly


A simple but effective little piece for trombone and piano (or any Bb Instrument and piano).  Aimed at the beginner player, it is scored for a limited range of an octave between E – E.  A nice way to engage and support the learner by having the added interest of the piano part to complete the harmonies.  Solo part provided in Treble and Bass Clef.

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Ballad is an original composition by Steve Robson, written as a piece for trombone and piano.  But, whilst the piece was initially written for the trombone it could easily be played by any Bb instrument.  Solo part provided in Treble and Bass Clef.

Comments from the composer:

Ballad is the simplest of pieces written for my daughter Milly when she was first learning the trombone.

Nothing is more pleasurable than being able to share in making music, and this little duet requires the trombone to play notes within an octave E to E.


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