This highly acclaimed concert piece, originally written for the Leyland Band, has a strong rhythmic element, a great opportunity for the percussion team to shine and all combined, makes for an energetic, non-stop, fast-paced toe-tapping experience for all to enjoy!

Listen In (performance courtesy of Oslofjord Brass):

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A fantastically funky piece! So good it was featured on BBC television during the 2010 general election campaign coverage for the North West and at the 2014 International Women’s Brass Conference.

Originally written in 2009 for Jason Katsikaris and the Leyland Band, Lucy Pankhurst has created a vivacious, energetic work which is strong on percussion and style!

It’s fast-moving, completely engaging and makes for compulsive toe-tapping and the need to ‘get into the groove’!  Huge opportunities for the kit player/percussion section to show their wild side and, so as not to be outdone, plenty of other moments for improvisation-esque solos from other quarters.

If you can keep up, this is a really great contribution to your concert programme.

Look and Listen (performance courtesy of Oslofjord Brass from their appearance at the 2010 Grenland International Brass Festival 2010):

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Lucy Pankhurst