A fascinating and boundary breaking upbeat composition from Lucy Pankhurst.  Creative use of playing effects and opportunities for players to explore their own musicality with plenty of optional improvisation moments (written solos passages also included for the less confident!).  Fabulous sound scoring, all embraced by funky rhythms that get the heart beating!

Listen In (performance sound sample with thanks to Ensemble de Cuivres Valaisan):

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A fascinating and upbeat composition from Lucy Pankhurst, offering great creativity with sound combinations and some funky rhythms!

Originally written for and dedicated to The Wingates Band, the opening of this wild piece features the euphonium with some challenging playing effects – all the better for grabbing the attention of the audience.  It’s not long before the strong rhythms get those toes tapping, and other players join in with their own ‘wicked’ contributions.

It’s fast-paced, incredibly rhythmic and demands the listeners’ attention right from the outset.  Take a look at the performance below to fully appreciate the captivating nature of the piece.

Look and Listen (courtesy of Ensemble de Cuivres Valaisan):


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Lucy Pankhurst