An ideal concert item, opening with a beautifully harmonised Baroque-styled melody.  It then picks up tempo, developing the theme into a light rock-feel number through to close.  A very versatile piece with clever musical references combined with a very listenable, upbeat approach which really lifts the mood.

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This can definitely be described as a fun piece from Steve Robson, with a bit of clever styling thrown in for good measure!

With an initial, melodious theme written in the style of a ‘Baroque’ composition, it is then recreated in a modern ‘Rock’ idiom, joining the two extremes and presenting a great little number to brighten your concert programme.

Whilst this already demonstrates one instance of its play on words, it’s also worth noting that this composition also formed part of the writer’s portfolio for his BA degree!

Whilst written with four percussion parts of Timpani, Kit, Tambourine, Glockenspiel & Cow Bell, the tambourine part can be omitted if necessary.

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Steve Robson