Antiphonal Overture


True to its name, this superb new concert band work, composed by Arthur J Michaels, develops the antiphonal (answering) style of early music, but with a more contemporary approach offering a popular yet challenging work.  Level: Grade 3

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Arthur J Michaels has composed this great number for Wind/Concert Band, and has thoughtfully scored it to support varying instrumentation which may be experienced in school settings.

Throughout Antiphonal Overture, different groups of similarly pitched woodwinds and brasses, instrument families, and other instrument combinations ‘answer’ one another in mainly two-bar phrases. This antiphonal style creates varying timbres and textures throughout the piece.

Cues in critical places ensure that smaller groups and those with uneven instrumentation can perform this piece successfully.

The ever-changing timbres and textures in Antiphonal Overture are sure to make this piece a popular, challenging work for players and a delight for audiences.

Level: Grade 3

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Arthur J Michaels