Enchanted Wales


With optional parts for male voice choir and/or Welsh harp.

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In 1993, I was asked to provide some background music for a ten minute promotional film, showing some of the beautiful landscape of the country in which I was born, Wales. I chose “Men of Harlech”, “The Ash Grove”, and “Land of my Fathers”, and ‘electronically’ produced some music. As a lover of brass bands and male voice choirs, I decided to arrange this music for that combination. The ‘male voice choir’ and ‘Welsh harp’ parts are optional, to enhance what already aims to be a ‘proud’ arrangement which says “This is Wales”. The piece begins with a glorious fanfare, which leads us into “Men of Harlech”. Next, we hear the beautiful “Ash Grove”. After this, we come to the grand finale, “Land of my Fathers”. This piece requires solid, tight performance. The glock part is important, and there is a fairly demanding obligato duet in Ash Grove for soprano and principal cornets.

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